OpenRules is self-described as a Business Decision Management System (BDMS).  OpenRules has some interesting differentiation points compared to other products.  You can define all rules, decisions, facts/objects in xls (Google Docs, Open Docs as well as Excel) and effectively have the spreadsheets executed by a Java application.  There is a learning curve to understand the format to structure data within the spreadsheets but arguably less than learning how to use a custom application.

It’s worth noting that OpenRules implements (and goes beyond) the Decision Model approach that attempts a more standard approach for defining business rules.

OpenRules Capabilities

The core components of the latest Open Rules product are as follows:

  • Rule Engine – The runtime Rule Engine
  • Rule/Test Definition – Using xls files in specified formats
  • Rule Dialog – For Rules driven User Interface definitions
  • Rule Learner – Predictive Analytics tool to analyse large data sets
  • Rule Solver – Constraint solving engine

Some Useful Links and Reading Material

The home of OpenRules
Discussion group for OpenRules
James Taylor on OpenRules with Decisions

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