IBM Websphere ILOG JRules / Websphere Operational Decision Management (WODM)

IBM Websphere ILOG JRules is one of the market leading commercial Business Rules Management Systems.

The extended name comes from the fact that IBM acquired the company ILOG – along with its JRules product – in 2008. This was then incorporated into the Websphere group of J2EE software solutions.

Websphere Operational Decision Management (WODM) is the product that JRules has been incorporated into.  It combines JRules with enhanced Event processing capabilities.

We have strong skills with JRules going back to version 4 and are now ramping up with WODM.

Product Capabilities

The core components of the latest version of the product are as follows:

  • Rule Execution Server (RES) – The runtime Rules Engine
  • Rule Team Server (RTS) – A Management Web Application
  • Decision Validation Services (DVS) – A Rules Testing and Scenario Simulation component
  • Rule Studio – A customised version of the Eclipse IDE for JRules Development
  • Rule Solutions for Office – For authoring of Business Rules in a Microsoft Word Environment

Some Useful Links and Reading Material

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The home of Websphere Operational Decision Management

An IBM Redbook on Decision Management and WODM

IBM have a useful FAQ pages here:

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