Drools / JBoss BRMS

Drools is the open source project behind the supported Redhat offering JBoss BRMS. RulesHub have experience of working with both and can help you in your use of either.


Should I use Drools or JBoss BRMS?

We can also help you understand which of the products is the best fit for you. The difference between Drools and JBoss BRMS is summarised nicely here.  Redhat have a datasheet on running Drools vs JBoss BRMS which tries to define the cost and risk associated to the decision.

Some of the key things to bear in mind when deciding between the 2 are:

  • Bugfixes in Drools require you to upgrade to the latest version of code
  • Drools has tools and features that haven’t made it into JBoss BRMS
  • Community support for Drools is very good
  • With Drools you have no SLA, contractual, or legal support – you are ultimately on your own
  • There is a cost difference!
  • Paying for JBoss BRMS allows for continued development of Drools

At RulesHub JBoss BRMS is one of the products we run on our Rules-as-a-Service platform, we don’t currently use Drools.

Product Capabilities

The core components of the latest Drools product are as follows:

  • Drools Expert – The runtime Rules Engine
  • Drools Guvnor – A management Web Application
  • jBPM – A separate Business Process Management tool that is now integrated with the Drools Rule Engine
  • Drools Fusion – A Complex Event Processing (CEP) component that extends the business rules approach to deal with events
  • Drools Planner – Solves planning problems using constraints

Some Useful Links and Reading Material

The home of Drools
The home of JBoss BRMS

The jboss mailing lists have a wealth of information.  The groups starting in “rules-” are those related to Drools.  Please note they are technical in nature and probably only of interest to developers.

The Drools Team Blog is a good source of information.
This Drools slideshow gives a nice overview.

Developers can take a look at the following books for more information

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